Our Mission

Working with the Aboriginal Communities, Expedition Group of Companies will mutually build beneficial relationships in an environment of trust and respect to ensure that their rights are respected and to foster social-economic development.

Our Guiding Principles

Expedition Group will achieve our mission by:

  • Building relationships: To continue to enhance our business relationship with the Aboriginal communities, Expedition Group is committed to regular and ongoing communication and consultation with our Aboriginal partners.
  • Employment and training: We believe in the importance of offering training to the Aboriginal people, a key to providing long-term employment within our industry. We are committed to maintain and/or increase the participation rate of Aboriginals within our workforce and to encourage our principal contractors and/or alliance partners to meet or exceed mutually determined employment commitments.
  • Business opportunities: Our objective is to enhance our business relationship with Aboriginal communities. The company will develop business arrangements that economically and/or socially benefits Expedition Group and Aboriginal communities.
  • Community involvement: The key objective is to strengthen Aboriginal community endeavors by supporting various initiatives within our company’s service area.
  • Respecting environmental concerns: The company commits to respect Aboriginal concerns regarding the environmental impacts of our activities, with particular attention to traditional lands.


Expedition Group has established partnerships creating companies such as Tribal Logistics, Aroland Expedition Partnership, Constance Lake Expedition Partnership and Expedition BearPaw Logistics Inc.

Ongoing Evaluation

Each commitment in our guiding principles will be monitored to determine the level of success through feedback and testimonials from Aboriginal communities, participation and support for Aboriginal community initiatives, management review, ability to meet contractual timelines, etc.

Community Support

Expedition appreciates the importance of fellowship, and that’s why we have taken pleasure in sponsoring, donating, volunteering and being involved with various community activities and events both locally and throughout many of the communities in which we work. The following are only some of the organizations and individuals that have been proudly supported by Expedition:

Support is a vital part of any community.